🇬🇧 13/01 📆 Mia and the Migou📍Gamla Stan

Pola2115:30/ Chinese Calligraphy Workshop (In French/English)
45 min – 1̶0̶0̶k̶r̶  50kr
Host : Pauline
Initiation to chinese character and calligraphy. Teaching simple character as “Hello”, “Dog”, “Horse”, “Women”…
Painting on tissue paperua

ry, Age : 6-9, Gamla Stan   

16:30 / Mia & the MigouPola11
92 min (FREE)
From 7 years old
Ecology, Fear, Industrialization, Monopolizing Work, Relation to the Father, Death, Initiating Quest, Perseverance, Poetics.
Director Jacques-Rémy Girerd


Mandatory reservation even if it’s only for the movie! 🙂

Saturday 13th Januari 2018
Svartmangatan 9,
111 29 Stockholm