My First Film Festival for Companies

🕑2 timmar till flera dagar 🗨️ 🇸🇪🇬🇧🇫🇷 🗺️I Stockholm Iän 👤10-300 personer
🎫from 520,- p.p. ex moms – Lägsta pris: 8.000 kr. ex moms

Form your Film Festival jury!

Cinema is the most powerful media for spreading a message : so why not using it for your company? We select movies according to a specific topic you want develop with your team then : You watch, debate and award the best short-movies!
🏳️‍🌈During the Europride 2018 in Stockholm, we organise a special movie selection and organise the ‘First Film Festival’ of a lawyer firm during their LGBT rights annual day .

Serious game for serious subjects

Choose the topics you want develop with your team. Together, with your HR team, let’s define and identify your HR objectives (Culture of the organization, empowerment, Leadership or, subject of societal discussion development) and create a powerfull selection of short-movies matching with subject you want develop.

‘My First Film Festival’ for going trough sensible subjects (such as harrassement or burn out…)

  • Confronting your staff to different situations with impactful short-movies,
  • Tack a step back
  • Discern positive from negative behaviour
  • Developing new reflexes and avoid future incidents
  • Presenting your values on a integration Day
  • Create safe spaces for discussion

Others programs

We organize team building events. We intervene within your structure for a half-day, a day or a week, in the form of creative workshop, serious game and role-play around European cinema.


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