When is the next barnfika?

The next barnfika is in november 24 : “La technologie et moi”  and december 22 : “Noël avec Sacrebleu” click on one of the poster below.
Every month we send a newsletter 2 weeks before the screening. No spamming! Just 1 mail to announce the film and one reminder 🙂

La technologie et Moi

Noël avec Sacrebleu




Sacrebleu organise every third weekend of every month a screening of francophone short-movies (From 3 yo) and long animation feature (7-2 yo) around specific topics : Nature, Pirate, technologie…
Since June 2017,  we organised the screening of 12 animation films and  welcome 220 kids and parents. Check the dates of our next fransk barnfikor!

I really like Sacrebleu’s project. How can I help ?

First, thousand thanks! Every word of encouragement is fuel 🙂 Second, there is several way of helping us :

  • If you’re a a school or a parent, please do not hesitate to share with your friends or on social media. Sharing is caring 🙂
  • If you’re a restaurant, a café or a supermarket (Picard, Ica, Coop…), you can participate to our wonderful fika or our christmas fika.
  • If you have free time and you want to be involve in a cultural project, you’re more than welcome 🙂 Please contact Pauline on her email : 

Sacrebleu for  school

Gif IntroSacrebleu’s team propose for school a fun workshop about cinema in French-language animation. Suitable for all ages and levels, this workshop is a special moment to stimulate curiosity, promote critical thinking and enlightened dialogue around european cinema…. [Read More]


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