Sacrebleu | kortfilmsvisning

Screenings and workshops

Sacrebleu organises short-movies screenings on the topic of your choice and workshop followed by debate. Our goal is to thrive dialogue and encourage creativity within your team (Sacrebleu for companies) or within your class (Barnvisning)

Our short-movies

According to your need, Sacrebleu’s team opt for the most accurate short-movie selection through our premium film library. We select our short-movies have been selected for their artistic quality, message relevance and/or originality. Most of our films were selected in one or several international film festivals. [All thematics here]


Sacrebleu’s concept is based on the ideas staff members need be inspire on regular bases for encouraging creativity and innovation within the company. Unfortunelly, they may not have time for being inspire on daily bases neither to go to museum or cinema during their free time. So our job is to bring Inspiration directly to their office.