Most of the museum are closed in Stockholm… so let’s discowatch them! Discowatch(ing)* is verb also noun 🔈[dih-skuh-woch-ing] contraction of the word Discover and Watch. Action of discovering new things by watching amazing films on Ex: Did you discoverwatching the Moderna Museet? 

Sacrebleu has selected short-films and animated films directly inspired by the artworks of Art Museums and cultural centers of Stockholm. Let’s recreate this amazing feeling to discover new artworks and be suprised by new colors, shapes, music, dances… Sacrebleu choose its favourite Cultural centers and museum in Stockholm Let’s start the discoverwatch (=Discover+watch=Discowatch) !

From 6 months to 12 years old.

Discowatch Kungligan Operan!DISCOWATCH OPERAN! – From 6 months to 12 years old.
The Opera is a place full of mysteries and magic. The sets, the music, the costumes … and the place itself. We have tried through these films to extend this magic and to get it out of the stage.

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Discowatch Världskulturmuseet!

DISCOWATCH VÄRLDSKULTURMUSEET! – From 6 months to 12 years old.
In 10 films and 60 minutes, we will show new generation of artists proudly bearing their singularity. Through the eyes of the young generation, discover a current image of the habits and customs of 5 continents people….

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fotografiskaPhotography meets cinema. The static meets movement : the Stop-motion brings the two arts together. Frame-by-frame animation called Stop-motion is an animation technique used to create movement from a stationary subject, from a photograph. Watch the immobile come to life in this selection of 9 stop-motion short films.Watch now

Discowatch Moderna Museet!Locked in a frame for a century, many artists and animators have today chosen to animate these treasures of the 20th century. From Modern Art to Motion Art: Watch Miro Picasso, Pollock and other Mordern Art pieces set in Motion.Watch now

Other Films and Activities

Gif Music for eyes
MUSIC FOR THE EYES (From 4 y/o) 
A selection of  musical short-films for children and parents….

2 - 5 yearsMY FIRST FILM FESTIVAL (From 2 – 5 y/o)
Every one has a dream, do you have one?

6-24 månBABY FILM FESTIVAL (From 6-24 months)
An amazing and educationnal activity for introducing the magic world of artistic and internationnal cartoons!

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Sacrebleu works with international film directors and film animators from all over the world. Our films are used in films screenings, workshops with debates, cultural sponsorship and advertising campaign. We select la crème de la crème for cultural institution, museum, cinema, TV, digital platforms and companies.

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