Sacrebleu works with international film directors and film animators from all over the world. The company aims at supporting films director which are aesthetically innovative and develops original graphic worlds. Our films are used in films screenings, workshops with debates, cultural sponsorship and advertising campaign. We provide ideas and sensations in plastic art and  films never to be seen before for cultural institution, museum, cinema, TV, digital platforms and companies.

Our films agency has been created in 2017. Addicted to cinema and convince by its positive role in the community, Sacrebleu started to organise film screenings in Stockholm. Starting with French Barnvisning (See “Pressen“). In 2018, we diverisfy and organised films screenings for companies and cultural institutions (See “Case Stories“).

Watch films and stay safe at home

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During the quarantine, Sacrebleu put film screening and activities for children and e-learning with films screening for adult in open access. Enjoy and spread films, no germs!

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