Sacrebleu works with international film directors and film animators from all over the world to bring the most creative, original or artistic films for children. Sacrebleu organise online and onsite workshops, arrange film festival and film screening with debate side by side with Cultural Institutions, Content plateforms and soon Cinemas.

The Seventh Art as an Experience

Ma Mama - Katy Wang

Sacrebleu works with cultural institution, Museums and Cinemas to set up workshops introducing the fantasy world of Cinema to children or thrive debate on specific topics for children from 9 months to 17 years old.

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The Seventh Art as An Event

Dripped Leo Verrier

Do you want to organize a cinema session or a festival? We help cultural institutions to organize films events with debates and educational contents for children from 9 months to 17 years old.

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Seventh Art for Streaming Platforms and Cinemas

Discowatch City Of Water!

Looking for original and beautiful films, educational content and perfectly adapted to early age to teenager

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Case Stories
”Min första Bio” (6 months – 2 y) with Dieselverkstaden Sickla in Nacka

Films Gallery 
Discover our library of 500 children’s films… How do we choose our films?

Educationnal Objectives 
Our short-movies must be a source of inspiration, introducing,  orginal stories…

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A | Africa, animals, Asia, autism …





Sacrebleu brings international films, documentaries and animated films from all over the world for children and companies of Sweden. We work for cultural institution, museum, cinema, TV, digital platforms and companies in Sweden : films screenings,  workshops in companies, cultural sponsorship, advertising campaign…. 

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