Sacrebleu arrange workshops, team building and events with beautiful films, colorful animations and impactful documentaries. We work for cultural institutions, museums, cinemas, TV, digital platforms and companies in Sweden. Our aims is presenting films which are aesthetically innovative, creative and impactfull. 

Lazy Susan
Films For Companies

Brighten your seminars, workshops, professional training with poetic, funny, imaginative, inspiring and impacting films.

[Our services for companies]

Discowatch City Of Water!
Films For Children

Films for introducing Cinema, films for festival, films for inspire and thrive debate…

[Our films for children]

Our story

Our films agency has been created in 2017. Addicted to cinema and convince by its positive role in the community, Sacrebleu started to organise film screenings in Stockholm. Starting with French Barnvisning (See “Pressen“). In 2018, we diverisfy and organised films screenings for companies and cultural institutions (See “Case Stories“).

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