My First Cinema


Have you ever hated your children’s cartoons?

…and have no idea how to make him discover new ones? If the answer to both of the question is “yes”, You’re welcome to our workshop! Our aim is to give you the key to select high quality and adapted film for your baby. So (s)he can develops its taste in films by watching various style… like developpping its taste in food with various alimentation (Elementary, my dear Watson!).


Our aim will be to introducing you and your children to movies styles in the narrows prism of Sound EffectAnimation Techniques and Colors. At the end of the 6 sessions, you’ll be able to understand the taste of your children, select adapted movies that will enrich the taste and the mind of your kid, create activities and discussions after each film and eventually provide  a perfect family good-movie-parenting-doing-it-right moment together!

Our educational objectives

  • Providing a safe and structured introduction to cinema and screens
  • Developing an analytic behaviour toward cartoons, combating passiveness and encourage participation: song, dance, dialogue etc.
  • Valuing the various ingredients of cartoons : Music, Sound Effects, Scenario, Colors, technics (2D, 3D, stop-motion…)
  • Developing Fantasy world : Inspired by the original stories, inspiring graphic designs and colorful characters
  • (And ultimately) Develop critical eyes toward their choices of cartoons
  • Become the next Hayao Miyazaki (Optionnal)
  • Having fun (Not Optionnal)

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Our short films introduce educational key topics developed for preschools …

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Our short-movies must be a source of inspiration, introducing,  orginal stories…

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How do we select our films? Our library consists of 500 children’s films….

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