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Bonnier Gallery


Bonnier Konsthall is a reference in terms of contemporary art in Stockholm. The Gallery  offers to discover artistic works as Experiences. Sacrebleu has tried to transpose this experience by offering films that experimenting new techniques and original productions to recreate the Bonnier Konsthall experience.
From 2 to 10 years old

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7 films |33 minutes 

Age 21|MINE  Vasil Hnatiuk | 2015 (Vietnam, USA)| 1 minutes

Synopsis|An allegory of the human relationship with nature. 

2|A Different Perspective Chris O’Hara| 2015 (USA)|2 minutes


Synopsis|A visit from an alien life form results in a change in perspective in more ways than one.

3|AT THE MOUTH OF THE SUMMER Xinxin Liu | 2016 (China)|5 minute

age 4

Synopsis| The beach is packed in a Chinese resort. People are enjoying the summer holidays. An abrupt thundershower makes them run around in a flurry. 

4|PLATEAU Nikodio| 2014 (France)|9 minutes

age 4

Synopsis|PLATEAU was formed gradually on the principle of action-reaction. The film gradually built an assembly around a common constraint: a place / space / time. Plateau was made during an artist residency in the agricultural college Gilbert Martin of Neubourg. 

6|DRIPPED Léo Verrier)| 2011 (France)| 9 minutes

Age 7

Synopsis|A fantastic imagining of how Jackson Pollack came upon his “drip” and action-painting style: through devouring (literally) all the styles of the modern past.


Age 10

Synopsis|Two characters, cocooned in their love, who go on a heartbreaking journey of self-discovery in this experimental, BAFTA-winning short film, animated via yarn puppets.

About Bonnier Konsthall

About |Bonniers Konsthall is a venue for Swedish and international contemporary art in the centre of Stockholm. Since the start in 2006, Bonniers Konsthall has exhibited and discussed contemporary art from all over the world.
Website |

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NOCTURN Jeff Scher Travelling through brush and ink - Annlin Chao Nephtali - Glen Keane

Clapotis - Mor IsraelMinoule - Nicolas Bianco A Moment in Ajloun - Wapikoni

*Discowatch(ing)Verb also Noun🔈[dih-skuh-woch-ing]
English term obtained from the contraction of the word Discover and Watch. Action of discovering new things by watching amazing films on Did you discoverwatching the Moderna Museet? Can also be used as a noun. Ex : Bonnier Konsthall discowatch improve my children understanding on performance art. 

Other Films and Activities

Gif Music for eyes
MUSIC FOR THE EYES (From 4 y/o) 
A selection of  musical short-films for children and parents….


2 - 5 years
Every one has a dream, do you have one?


6-24 mån
BABY FILM FESTIVAL (From 6-24 months)
An amazing and educationnal activity for introducing the magic world of artistic and internationnal cartoons!


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