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Workshop|Diversity & Inclusion

INTRODUCTION | How can organizations, leaders, and people benefit from Diversity? How to operationalize, and realise inclusion in organizations? The whole point of diversity & inclusion that it is about everyone, not just underrepresented groups – so encouraging everyone to be confident in their ability will only help to boost morale and employee engagement across the entire team.
We have selected 5 films, documentaries and one animation that will immersed and inspire your team on Diversity in different environments and situations . 

HR- EXPERT FACILITATOR WORDS, CHRISTINE ANDREA | Each film screening, could be followed by a debate with an HR-expert Facilitator.capture-1

  • Observe and reflect how it looks when diversity is not used at its top potential and when the environment is not inclusive. 
  • Creating awareness on what we can do intentionally or unintentionally to others and its impact on the people around us?
  • Understanding the impact of our own biases and how we can be more aware of them. 
  • Understanding how can we avoid those situations at work and what will it require from us? 
  • What can I do myself to become more inclusive and intentional?

MORE INFORMATION | 5 films in english or with english or swedish subtitles  (50 minutes). 

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