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Creativity topping1INTRODUCTION |  Take advantage of the quarantine and the business downturn to get new insights to get brighter. Watch short-stories and documentaries about clever initiatives, fresh points of view and original ideas to understand How to trigger new ideas at work.
Tags | Original Biography, annoying animation, lazyness and Bohème. Films 35 minutes, 5 short-films (Fiction, Animation and documentaries) Bonus Films|  26 minutes, 2 short-films (Documentary and fiction)

Debates logoQUESTION FOR DEBATES |   Our films screening are usually followed by questions and openings related to films. On this e-learning, questions will be available in blue under each film for leading a debate, sharing points of view and thoughts with you or your team.

Fun Facts FUN FACTS AND COMMENTS |  Our films screening and debates are usually punctuated by Fun Facts about the film or comment about why we select it. On this e-learning, Fun Facts and comments will be in red.

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