Educational objectives


Our short-movies must be a source of inspiration: introducing new landscapes, orginal stories, colorful characters, inspirating technics and graphisms. Our goal is to place cartoons in an artistic and educational approach for developing children’s fantasy world.


We want to inspire internal conversations with him/herself or her/his loved ones. Throught pedagogical tools, we trigger a proactive behaviour towards cartoons : conversing with their parent, asking questions, think about an alternative ending, being able to rate a cartoon. Our goal is to aterate the passive relationship between the child and a cartoon.


We support European directives against the daily screens exposure before 3 years old. We support cartoons viewing, but not on any terms, anytime and any contents. We take the opportunity druring our intervention to remind parents of their central role in selecting cartoons and setting the appropriate times to create quality moments between parent/child..

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lillascen2”My First cinema” 
“Min Första Bio” (6 months – 2 years) with Diesel Workshop in Sickla, Nacka