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TAKE THE QUIZZ! Which Jury member would you be?

MOn premier Festival 2

During all the summer, the children will form the very serious jury of an Animation movie for Kid Festival! Scriptwriter, film director, music composer, animator, film review and artistic director… The participants will be grouped in teams representing member of jury of animated films festival!

Which member of the jury would you be? TAKE THE QUIZZ
How would they know in wich team they’ll be the best? Sacrebleu has concocted for you a special personality test for discovering which member of the jury of an animated film festival you would be according to your personality!



Age From 6-12 years old
Schedule Role play, Screening of animated short films, debate, vote and election of the best short films and pop-corn degustation!
Duration 1h30 – 2h
Languages available  🇬🇧🇫🇷
Price : The booking is the same price than a movie ticket and pop corn at the cinema (170kr)! Isn’t it amazing?!


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🇫🇷 Bonjour!
I’m French and I came in Stockholm 2 years ago. I’m a teacher during the week and cultural events planner during the weekend. Combine my love of cinema and my educational experiences and…BAM :  My First Festival was created! The secret purpose of this summer camp? Promote critical thinking and enlightened dialogue around european cinema.


unnamed.jpg🇬🇧 Hello!
I’m originally from Scotland; a film student and EIFF (Edinburgh International Film Festival) representative in a previous life I’m now now mother to Stella (the little bear) and founder of littlebearabroad.com.  JMy ambition is to find the best Stockholm has to offer has merged with my love of culture, lifestyle and fashion to create Littlebearabroad Magazine – the digital concierge for international people who happen to be parents living in Stockholm.

Carte MFF
🇸🇪 Hej!
You’re passionate by cinema and education?
We’re looking for a Swedish speacker (2h-4h a week)
Please contact Pauline : sacrebleu.se@gmail.com