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How do we select our films?

Diversity |Our library consists of 500 children’s films including, 400 cartoons. We seek across 5 continents the best of the best short-movies and cartoons to always providing new stories, new cultures and new heroes! Artistic |We value artistic diversity and the discovery of new colors, textures, graphics and sound in order to develop taste for beautiful things Award | All our short-films have been selected in one or several internationnal festivals.

GIF Extrait Vidéo CMAbout Kids screening
Our short films introduce educational key topics developed for preschools …

Four seasonsEducationnal Objectives 
Our short-movies must be a source of inspiration, introducing,  orginal stories…

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How do we select our films? Our library consists of 500 children’s films….

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A|Africa, Animals,  Around the World, Asia, Autism…

Min Första Bio 1”Min första Bio” 

”Min första Bio” is a Baby workshop introducing cartoons and animated films…