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Photography meets cinema. The static meets movement : the Stop-motion brings the two arts together. Frame-by-frame animation called Stop-motion is an animation technique used to create movement from a stationary subject, from a photograph. Watch the immobile come to life in this selection of 9 stop-motion short films.

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Missing from Youtube Playlist : 2|MINOULE  Nicolas Bianco-Levrin ; 4|ORANGE Sylvie Trouvé

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9 films |24 minutes 

  1|LUMINARIS Juan Pablo Zaramella |2014 (Spain)|6 minutes


Synopsis|In a world controlled and timed by light, an ordinary man has a plan that could change the natural order of things.

  2|MINOULE  Nicolas Bianco-Levrin |2017 (France)|4 minutes


Synopsis|Minoule is a roguishcat spending the whole day on the edge of his windowsill, Under roofs. Far off, the song od a small canary in his cage works him up an appetite. But the way to catch the prey is full of pitfalls.

  3|EIGHT MAN, ONE CAMERA Naren Wilks |2014 (UK)|3 minutes


Synopsis|A man in a circular room explores a curious phenomenon, in which 8 synchronised versions of himself temporarily form to create a rotationally symmetric, kaleidoscopic world.

  4|ORANGE Sylvie Trouvé2009 (Canada)|1 minute

Age 2Synopsis|Experimental short film using different animation techniques (frame by frame and 2D animation). Crazy beats and secret rhythms create the pulse of a city and breathe life into it.

  5|Little Spark NICOLAS BIANCO|2019 (France)|2 minutes


Synopsis|A little mouse lives among books and their epic adventures. When the candle goes out and the matchbox is empty, it’s in turn to embark on a dangerous adventure through the house, in search of a small spark.

  6|Friction Stevan Briand|2015 (France)|2 minutes


Synopsis|A man, facing the wall, confronts his power.

  7|FREEQUENCE  Alexandre DUBOSC|2019 (France)|2 minutes


Synopsis| Freequences explores the repetition of sound waves, vibrations, patterns, and musical instruments.

  8|PLEASE PLEASE, DARLING André Leduc|1975 (Canada)|2 minutes


Synopsis|A seductive approach that is certainly out of the ordinary. 

  9|FACE VALUE John Morena|2018 (USA)|1 minute


Synopsis|When you buy a product, you become a product. This film is #17 of the Area 52 film collection.


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