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Workshop|Ideas Outside The Box

INTRODUCTION| We’ve all been in that meeting where the team was encouraged to “think outside the box.” The problem is that we’re creatures of habit and most of us prefer the comfort of familiar routines. Thinking outside the box can mean challenging long-held beliefs. During those 3 sessions of 75 minutes, your team will watch creative films, original animation and impactfull documentaries. The goal is to  inject “Idea-Outside-the-box” way of thinking to your team and to give you the opportunity to bring, at the office, a regular inspiration.  The film screening could be followed by debate lead by Sacrebleu.

MORE INFORMATION|3 sessions of 75 minutes.  40-minutes-films screening and 35 minutes debates. 5 films per sessions. The film screening could be followed by a debate hosted by Sacrebleu.

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