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Films and Activities
FOREST  Katy Wang |  2018 Great Britain | 3 minutes
Synopsis | A little bear goes on an adventure with a giant dog on a rainy night’s drive through the mountains.

Nomination1 FOREST 3

SLOTH Julia Ocker | Germany, 2018  | 3 minutes
Synopsis| The sloth wants to buy ice cream, but unfortunately he is way too slow. 

Nominated 3 Sloth 3Nominated 3 Sloth 2

PAS DE DEUX Norman McLaren | 1968 (UK)|13 minutes
Synopsis|‘Pas de deux’, a stunning meditation on form and movement considered by many to be McLaren’s masterpiece, was created by photographing backlit dancers dressed in white against a black backdrop. McLaren then used an optical printer to expose individual frames up to 11 times.

NIGHT MOVES Falk Schuster | Germany 2018| 4 minutes
Synopsis| At night, when everyone is in a deep sleep, amusing and animal shapes tumble around the room.

Nominated 4 Night Moves 2STONES AND METAPHYSICS  Lisa Matuszak | France, 2014  |  5 minutes
Synopsis| At the heart of a forest a fox is meditating, sitting near the water. On the opposite beach, a duck has fun ricocheting.
Nominated 5 Stone 2ISLAND Max Mörtl & Robert Löbel | Germany, 2017 | 3 minutes
On a small island, a bunch of exotic creatures run over each other.
Activity 1

ANTHOLOGY WITH CRANES  Koji Yamamura | Japan, 2011 | 2 minutes
Yamamura tries to decipher “Anthology with Cranes”, a painting by 17th Century artist Tawaraya Sotatsu.

Nominated 7 - Anthology with cranes 2

MA MAMA Katy Wang |  2018 Great Britain | 3 minutes
Synopsis| Two lovers explore a patterned jungle world and meet some animal friends along the way. Katy Wang creating these visuals for this lovely catchy tune by French band Toto Bona Lokua.

Nomination1 FOREST 2

GO SOLO Tom Rosendhal |  2014 Great Britain | 3 minutes
Synopsis| A train journey between Oslo and Bergen

Out of competition Go solo tips

TRAINING Andrew Brand | 2018 Storbritannien | 1 min 42 s, 2013
Two excitable fox cubs find a new way to keep fit

Nominated 2 Exercice 2


2 - 5 yearsMY FIRST FILM FESTIVAL (From 2 – 5 y/o)
Diving into the deep blue like Jonas in Jonas and the Sea, escaping Time like Loukoum in Killing time or simply live close by the water like Olga, the owner of the little kiosk…. Every one has a dream, do you have one?
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Gif Music for eyesMUSIC FOR THE EYES (From 4 y/o) A selection of  musical short-films for children and parents! A good opportunity for singing, dancing and losing pressure! We’ll take a musical journey around the world…. and fall in love with dinosaur!

Let's dance button

Before I became an Island - Emma Vakarelova[SOON ONLINE] GO TO MUSEUMS (From 2 to 12 y/o) It’s hard to be stuck at home…so let’s go to museums! Sacrebleu has selected films directly inspired by the artworks of Art Museum and cultural centers of Stockholm. Moderna Musett, Bonnier Konsthall,  Kungliga Operan, Scenkonstmuseet…
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Sacrebleu works with international film directors and film animators from all over the world. Our films are used in films screenings, workshops with debates, cultural sponsorship and advertising campaign. We select la crème de la crème for cultural institution, museum, cinema, TV, digital platforms and companies. [Read More]