The Seventh Art Pricing

Onsite workshop (VAT excl.)

DISCOUNT | Get 30% when you order 2 workshops. 50% off for more than 4 (excl. cathering).

Onsite Workshop…… SEK 2,500
Optionnal Debate…… SEK 1,500 
Max number of pers……
Catering option……
from 100 SEK/pers.

Ideas Outside the box
Watching at your office a films selection about
various usual topics  (leadership, diversity, Creativity…). Our film screenings can be followed by debates to encourage dialogue, develop critical thinking and inspirational thoughts within the team. [Read More]


French pastries1Catering option…… from 100 SEK/pers. (VAT excl.)
French  and Fresh home made sweet and savory pastries : croissants, pains au chocolats for breakfeast, delicious pie or sandwich with fresh baguette for lunch and beautiful pies (lemon meringue pie, Strawberry pie, apricot pie, chocolate pie …). 100% baked with organic ingredients!


Online workshop (VAT excl.)

DISCOUNT | Get 30% when you order 2 workshops. 50% off for more than 4.

Online Workshop…… SEK 1,500
Optionnal Online Debate……SEK 1,000
Optionnal Debate documentation……SEK 500

Sustainable Dev Hyper RealityConduct a workshop and e-learning with our films directly on your computer.  Get the code to access the films of the workshops of your choice and share it with your team. You can now find 10 online topics including a selection of films, “fun facts” and help for lead a debate with your team.[Read more]

Online Option does not give you the right to screen the films selections with audience (more than 1 pers.) Sacrebleu reserves the right to take legal actions.

The Seventh Art at your office

Brighten your seminars, workshops, professional training or your waiting room  with artistic touches.  Punctuating them with poetic, funny, imaginative, inspiring and impacting films. [Read More]

The prices for renting films will vary depending on the context (For example,  an internal event, a seminar, a film library, a commercial campaign…), on the target audience (the number of viewers) and on the recurrence  (the number of time the films will be screened). Please, send your request for [A  personalized quote.]

Interested titre
Interested to host one of our workshops for a seminar, a thematic workshop or hosted as an e-learning on your website? [Explore our Topics for company] or [Explore our Films Gallery] or Contact Pauline :

Sacrebleu brings international films, documentaries and animated films from all over the world for children and companies of Sweden. We work for cultural institution, museum, cinema, TV, digital platforms and companies in Sweden : films screenings,  workshops in companies, cultural sponsorship, advertising campaign…[Read our Case Stories