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CONTEXT | Those 9 short-movies have been selected for 6 sessions of 1-hour-workshop introducing several style of children short-movies

OBJECTIVES | Have you ever  hate the cartoon you kid is watching and have no idea how to make him discover new ones? You’re welcome to our workshop!
Our aim is to give you the key to select high quality and adapted film for your baby. So (s)he can develops its taste in films by watching various style as (s)he is developpping his taste in food with various alimentation (Elementary, my dear Watson!).

During these 6 sessions, our aim is to introducing to you and your children, dozen movies style in the narrows prism of Sound Effect, Animation Techniques and Colors.
At the end of the 6 sessions, you’ll be able to understand the taste of your children, select adapted movies that will enrich the taste and the mind of your kid, create activities and discussions after each film and eventually provide  a perfect family good-movie-parenting-doing-it-right moment together!

ACTIVITIES | 3 films per session are screened and are followed with educationnal activities.

AGES | 6 months-2 years old or 2 years – 4 years old

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