Corporate Sustainability


Synopsis Refreshingly narrated by Neil Patrick Harris, this Heineken-sponsored project is a dip in cool water. A small team of young designers and architects work together to build the ”+Pool” in the Hudson River, literally trying to make something good out of a cruddy situation.
They fight the odds (and legal barriers) to create a filtration system that would clean river water contaminated with things that should be kept in the darkest parts of our imagination. Participants came up with a solution to treat 600,000 gallons of water daily to allow New Yorkers to swim in nature for the first time in a century. 9 minutes, 2017, Directed by Heineken



Hundreds of inhabitants of Sorède, in the south of France, braided whips and riding crops in hackberry wood until the car and the tractor supplanted the horse. A workshop at the foot of the Albères massif still works with this strong, supple wood, in an establishment for people with mental disabilities. Hermès entrusts them with the task of making all its riding crops and dressage kits.  8 minutes, 2018, Directed by Hermes


Pushing open the door of one of Hermès’ fifteen repair workshops around the world is like entering a magicians’ den, where the passage of time is made to disappear. In Hong Kong, on the 22nd floor of a tower in the Admiralty district where they have laid out their tools, Christelle, Farid and Alexandre save their best tricks for objects that have a past. Unseen and unnoticed, these experienced artisans, trained in French leather goods workshops, make a well-loved bag look new again, by changing a handle, retouching an area of colour or using the saddle stitch. Restoring, repairing, it’s what their “metier” is all about. 8 minutes, 2019, Directed by Hermes


Synopsis Film and documentary maker Frédéric Laffont, winner of the Albert Londres award, brings his humanistic perspective to bear as he walks in Hermès house’s footsteps and gives free rein to his camera. With curiosity awakened, we navigate between stories and portraits, carried along by gestures and places, and taking discovery to the ends of the earth… Our relationship with sustainable development shines through this Footsteps across the World collection.

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