Our clients

Sacrebleu! is working with several companies on different solutions according to their need.


Kristina, Head of Learning Management, establish with Sacrebleu! a library of short films to animate its Learning Management workshops. Sacrebleu! update the short films library every month according to the topics of the  workshops of the month or current events.

logoZOUND INDUSTRIES | Lunch & Learning Current Events 

Youndeh, Mood Manager ask Sacrebleu to animate Zound Industries Lunch & Learning. During the lunch, we show short-films on current topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Social networks, Diversity and Inclusion etc. The goal is to discuss on current events through inspiring and creative shorts.


Massimiliano, HR studio Europe needed to develop dialogue within his team about two specific subjects :
”Culture & Ideas” the impact and the importance of Art for genering new ideas. The short-movies selected presented different artistic genres (Painting, Dance, Music ….) and their impact(s) on the characters.
”Change” The aim of this subject is to define what is Change. Short-movies will show how to impulse a change, the impact of changing on the characters’ life (negative or positive) and the analysis of their reaction. Check the short-movies seleced for EA workshop here.


Spiros, HR director wanted to create a dialogue within the new member of the team (bartender, chef, delivery…).. We choose together short-films selection around “Diversity”.   Throught our selection, we tried to define what is diversity. Meaning showing differents characters with different personnality and how they can (or can not) fit together. Check the short-movie selection and the whole case studies here. 


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