7th Art as a experienceOur concept of our workshops is simple: your teams watch original and award-winning films then our facilitators establish key-actions debates. Hand by hand with our coach, your team finds an effective solution to the initial HR dilemmas.
In your opinion, which topics would interest your staff among our 12 workshops?

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Watching films to encourage dialogue. We have brought together short-films from our catalog to create dozens of modules on various topics. Available Online or onsite, our worshops with films encourage new insights and creative environments. Our film screenings can be followed by debates to encourage dialogue, develop critical thinking and inspirational thoughts within the team.


Onsite Workshop, Online workshops, Optionnal Debate,  Catering option…Get 30% when you order 2 workshops. 50% off for more than 4 [Our pricing]

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Interested to host one of our workshops for a seminar, a thematic workshop or hosted as an e-learning on your website? Contact: pauline@sacrebleu.se.


Sacrebleu brings international films, documentaries and animated films from all over the world for children and companies of Sweden. We work for cultural institution, museum, cinema, TV, digital platforms and companies in Sweden : films screenings,  workshops in companies, cultural sponsorship, advertising campaign…. [Read our Case Storie]