Workshop|Well Being at Work

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INTRODUCTION |  Workplace wellness is a tacit contract between the company and the employee. If the employee needs to find a balance between his work and personal life – such as staying active, taking breaks, doing sports activities, seeing friends, the company must provide an environment that facilitates these last recommendations.
KEY TOPICS| Inclusive Workplace, Keep learning, Heatlthy lifestyle, Connect to other and Time to Switch off

MORE INFORMATION| From 30-90 minutes film screening, 5 short-films (Fiction, Animation and documentaries).The film screening could be followed by a debate hosted by Sacrebleu.

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EXTRA ACTIVITIES | In order to put our ideas into action and offer key activity for increase the well-being at work. We offer original workshops to help improve the lifestyle of your employees. We propose two complementary activities to our screening films and debates.

DANCING CLASS WITH ALESSA ROGER,Opera Dancer at the Kungliga Opera
Encourage your team to practice a regular sport in your establishment with an original activity. We offer an hour to gently introduce balance, core training and stretching exercises to strengthen and relax your team’s muscles with a classical dancer from the prestigious Kungliga Opera in Stockholm.

Encourage your employees to cook light and balanced meals with Italian food service professionals.
During 60-90 minutes, a cook will prepare an easy and delicious meal and share his precious nutritious advices.