The magical world of children’s movies

Sacrebleu works with international film directors and film animators from all over the world and organizes screenings and workshops in Sweden.

Varför välja Sacrebleu

Exclusive contents. We bring exclusive films that have never been broadcast in Sweden. For children under 6, the  language barrier doesn’t exist! Let’s take this opportunity to explore new colours, new landscapes and original stories!

Children’s Health first. We take our job very seriously and with passion. The children’s safety is at the heart of the process. Our 3 criterias for selecting films : Slow rhythms and soft music adapted to their heart rate, long scenes and sober colors.

High quality and artistic short-movies guaranteed. Our goal is to place cartoons in an artistic and educational approach for developing children’s fantasy worlds.

The parents in the center. for educational purposes and following the European directives, parents should be present when children are watching cartoons. Their presence is crucial. For that purpose, we want the parents to enjoy this moment together with their children and we also select our films thinking about the parents.

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Min Första Bio 1Our Case Stories
”Min första Bio” (6 months – 2 y) med Dieselverkstaden

Upptäck våra 500 barnfilmer … Hur väljer vi våra filmer?

FormsUtforska våra ämnen 
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