logo2xSpiros, HR of  :“I’d like to thank Sacrebleu’s team for a perfectly executed workshop evening 12th of June.  I’ve been in contact with the owners of Torstens Smakar Mera, and both them and their employees are happy with the workshop and had a good time participating.As you know Torstens is a restaurant with a diverse group of owners and employes that come from different national groups, different ages and genders. Thankfully the owner talked about their staff issues and I couldn’t think of a better idea than to set you two in contact, so a workshop could be arranged on the subject “diversity in the workplace”. Lucky as I am I also got the benefit of participating as a bonus. It was lovely to see you in action :)The films that we watched as the main excercise was great since they had a broader perspective on the diversity subject. The excercise was fun and the discussion afterwards even more so because it gave us a possibility to dig deeper in to the problems that actually exist in that specific workplace and both acknowledge them and visualize them for further actions.Hopefully Torstens will continue working with diversity issues at their workplace and continue on improving their working environment.Please let me know if you’re ever in need of any references and I will be glad to give them.”


ObjectivesSacrebleu’s objectives was to create a team spirit through “Diversity” Topic. 

My First Festival 5TOPIC OF THE SCREENINGSpiros from Torstens contacts me for organising a a film festival team building  around several topics and notably “Diversity” for the 13 employees of TORTENS company (bartender, chef, delivery…).

My First Festival 9CATEGORIES, THEMATICS, COUNTRIESFor constituing the short-movie playlist, I sent Spiros a list of topics (available here). TORTENS selection was :- Category : Comedy, Action, thriller, Horror and fiction.- Thematics : Empowerment, Family (Spirit) and diversity.- Language : english subtitles.