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Bring the Seventh Art to the office

Brighten your professional routine with artistic touches and stimulate the creativity of your partners and team. Bring your seminars, workshops and professional training to life by punctuating them with poetic, funny, imaginative, inspiring or impacting films by talented directors. There are Art on the walls, in the gardens, in the architecture and why shouldn’t it be also on screens?

The Seventh Art as an experience

Watching films to encourage dialogue. We have brought together short-films from our catalog to create dozens of modules on various topics : Leadership, Leading in change, Diversity and Inclusion, Ideas Outside the box, Creativity at work, Sustainable Development, Artificial Intelligence, Comedy, Harassment at work….
An original workshops for working with team building and gain new insights into our creative environments. Our film screenings can be followed by debates to encourage dialogue, develop critical thinking and inspirational thoughts within the team.

coronavirus logoDuring the quarantine, Sacrebleu propose 3 e-learnings with films screening from our Top 5 popular topics : Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion and Creativity at work. [Watch now]

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Our mission is to facilitate discovery of talented film director with company wishing to develop their Corporate Sponsorship Program.

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