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Nominated 1 Airplane 1

Nominated 1 Airplane 2


Nominated 2 Kiosk 1

Nominated 2 Kiosk 2Nominated 2 Kiosk 3


Nominated 5 Killing time

Nominated 5 Killing time 1

Nominated 3 Twin Island

Nominated 3 Twin Island 2

Nominated 4 Spring Jam

Nominated 4 Spring Jam 1Nominated 4 Spring Jam 2

Nominated 6 Bat and squirrel 1

Nominated 6 Bat and squirrel 2


Out of competition

Out of competition Jonas et la mer

Out of competition Faering

Out of competition Mind the gap
Out of competition Mind the gap activityOut of competition Mind the gap 3



6-24 månBABY FILM FESTIVAL (From 6-24 months)
Throughout this difficult period of coronavirus, participate to an online Short-Film Festival with your baby. An amazing and educationnal activity for introducing the magic world of artistic and internationnal cartoons!Watch Now 2

Gif Music for eyesMUSIC FOR THE EYES (From 4 y/o) A selection of  musical short-films for children and parents! A good opportunity for singing, dancing and losing pressure! We’ll take a musical journey around the world…. and fall in love with dinosaur!

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Before I became an Island - Emma Vakarelova[SOON ONLINE] GO TO MUSEUMS (From 2 to 12 y/o) It’s hard to be stuck at home…so let’s go to museums! Sacrebleu has selected films directly inspired by the artworks of Art Museum and cultural centers of Stockholm. Moderna Musett, Bonnier Konsthall,  Kungliga Operan, Scenkonstmuseet…
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Sacrebleu works with international film directors and film animators from all over the world. Our films are used in films screenings, workshops with debates, cultural sponsorship and advertising campaign. We select la crème de la crème for cultural institution, museum, cinema, TV, digital platforms and companies. [Read More]