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The Opera is a place full of mysteries and magic. The sets, the music, the costumes … and the place itself. We have tried through these films to extend this magic and to get it out of the stage. All the films dissect everything that symbolizes the Opera and place them in another context: A dancer isolated from any decor, An orchestra following you and play the soundtrack of your life, the opera background sets used for curing broken hearts…. Magic and symbolic force survive. For all families.
From 6 months – 10 years old (Check the flag age for the right).

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7 films |76 minutes 

1|PAS DE DEUX Norman McLaren | 1968 (UK)|13 minutes

age month 6

Synopsis|‘Pas de deux’, a stunning meditation on form and movement considered by many to be McLaren’s masterpiece, was created by photographing backlit dancers dressed in white against a black backdrop. McLaren then used an optical printer to expose individual frames up to 11 times. 

2|The Ballet Louis Thomas |2013 (France)| 4 minutes


Synopsis|Inspired by the Opera Garnier, and especially Roland Petit, Jean Cocteau, Jerome Robbins and Marius Petipa. All the famous people names are in the end credits.

3|NEPHTALI Glen Keane |2015 (France)| 3 minutes


Synopsis| Nephtali is born from the comparison between the grace of a dancer, Marion Barbeau, and a doe. It represents the journey of a soul attracted by a superior power of freedom…

4|LEAD ME TO YOU Anne-lin Chao 2017 (UK)|4 minutes


Synopsis|I love every fraction of you; yet every fraction, make both complete and incomplete you.” A story of missing a girl.

5|THE ORCHESTRA Mikey Hill|2015 (Australie)|15 minutes


Synopsis|Imagine a world where a band of tiny musicians follow you and play a soundtrack for your life – communicating your emotions, fears and hopes. In this world lives Elderly Vernon, a lonely man whose crippling shyness causes his orchestral musicians to perform terribly out of tune.

6|GRAND HOTEL BARBES Ramzi Ben Sliman|2019 (France)|11 minutes

Age 7

SynopsisSpring 2018. Ulysse, an impoverished and listless 20-year-old runs into Wolfang Amadeus Mozart on the corner of a street. The Austrian composer could help him out of a tight spot… in exchange for a dance

Exclusive Content| Go Behind the Scenes and Interview Ramzi Ben Sliman (Director) 

7|FAREWELL BOHEME Jeanne Frenkel2018 (France)|26 minutes

Age 10

Synopsis|Say goodbye in the most beautiful way. Professor turrell and his team open their shop. This service offers couples to separate in the most beautiful ways: recycling decorations, performers, dancers and musicians, this team reinvents your farewells. But tonight, we follow the story of thibaut: that of a young man who could not say goodbye to his lover.

Kungliga Operan

About |The Royal Swedish Opera is Sweden’s national theatre for opera and ballet, founded by Gustav III in 1773. Every year, a number of productions are staged : everything from brand-new works to classical masterpieces.  The Royal Swedish Opera respect tradition, while embracing the future – in three main areas: opera, ballet, and activities for children and young people.
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