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Modern Art Museum

Locked in a frame for a century, many artists and animators have today chosen to animate these treasures of the 20th century. From Modern Art to Motion Art: Watch Miro Picasso, Pollock and other Mordern Art pieces set in Motion.
From 2 – 12 years old (Check the flag age for the right.)

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7 films |25 minutes 

  1|BEFORE I BECAME AN ISLAND Emma Vakarelova | 2015 (France)|2 minutes

Age 2Synopsis|“Before I became an island, I was called Kalina… Before Marcos saw me, he was a postman…..”

  2|PICTOR COCHLEA Isabelle Arné| 2010 (France)|3 minutes

Age 2Synopsis|A snail takes itself for an artist by discovering a painting.

  3|NOCTURN Jeff Scher | 2016 (USA)|3 minutes


Synopsis|Abstract painting on the theme of night lights. Like the Rorschach test: What do you see in these night lights? Painted on a lampshade that I rotated with each exposure after applying paint.

  4|THE SLEEPWALKER Theodore Ushev| 2015 (Bulgary)|5 minutes


Synopsis|A surrealist journey through colours and shapes inspired by the poem. Romance Sonámbulo by Federico García Lorca. Visual poetry in the rhythm of fantastic dreams and passionate nights. 

  5|DRIPPED Leo Verrier | 2011 (France)|8 minutes


  6|PUGONGYING ShiYii Xiong | 2016 (USA)|2 minutes

Age 7

Synopsis|A magnificent short film, strange and mysterious. Follow the joys and then the anxieties of a little girl.

  7|NO TIME Jeff Scher | 2015 (USA)|30 secondes

Age 10

Synopsis|Poem and reading by Billy Collins.



About Modern Art Museum Stockholm

About | Världskulturmuseerna – The World Culture Museum, is a place where people experience, challenge and contribute to new insights and perspectives on our world. Exhibitions, educational activities and programs provide a rich selection that stimulates reflection and curiosity.
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Online Activity during Covid 19| Join Moderna Museet for a guided tour in the comfort of your own sofa!  

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*Discowatch(ing)Verb also Noun🔈[dih-skuh-woch-ing]
English term obtained from the contraction of the word Discover and Watch. Action of discovering new things by watching amazing films on Ex: Did you discoverwatching the Moderna Museet? Can also be used as a noun. Ex : Bonnier Konsthall discowatch improve my children understanding on performance art.

Other Films and Activities

Gif Music for eyes
MUSIC FOR THE EYES (From 4 y/o) 
A selection of  musical short-films for children and parents….


2 - 5 years
Every one has a dream, do you have one?


6-24 mån
BABY FILM FESTIVAL (From 6-24 months)
An amazing and educationnal activity for introducing the magic world of artistic and internationnal cartoons!

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